Zimbabwe Ruins

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Then : Visit Rhodesia and see the Zimbabwe Ruins.Now : Visit Zimbabwe and see Rhodesia in Ruins.

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BSA Police cap badge (funny story), Trout Rally bages. TT badges

It was after we had been back from the Buffalo Rally down at Bathurst for only a short while that I happened to come across an entry form for the first Trout Rally. It was on the counter of that greatest of all establishments in Jo'burg, Rube's Motorcycle Spares, Pam was working there at the time. The Trout was to be held up at Inyanga in Rhodesia, about 750 miles (1200 K's).It was only two or three weeks ahead so it was a nice surprise. Allan Cole had already started stripping-down (again) his 650cc B.S.A. Lightning, and couldn't go, nor could anyone else at such short notice, except Peter Kuzlo, who was off the road with a buggered leg. In the end, Allan, Eleanore and Peter went up in the Cole's old Anglia and me on my BM. There were two other bikes from South Africa as well, two guys from Pretoria also on BMW's, so I beat them to the longest distance prize by about 80 K's. It turned out to be a brilliant trip.


1972 Trout Rally entry form (click pic to see inside of form)

1972 Trout Rally Entry. (click pic to see inside)